How to get a refund from my dentist?

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Fucking great. My front tooth repair just broke off. Now I get to be in pain and mortified until I find a dentist to fix it on payment plan

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He really stop what he was doing to get a peguin out the lobby that aint a real dentist

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In my dream I said “I work at a dentist office, bands would love me because everyone needs to go to a dentist and I could get them in. ”

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Bill Cosby on Dentists Greece

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Two days ago I went to the dentist for a consultant on closing my gap the dentist rush me into getting braces and even gave me a discount. After two days the braces start shifting i my mouth until one side fall off. My teeth start getting really sensitive and I can’t eat or sleep. I took pain killers but the pain wont go away. I contact the dentist but he didn’t want to give me a refund he rather re-do the job. How can I get my money back after two days.

Answer by riley16
hmm..well it sounds like u need a new dentist! braces arent supposed to fall off-lol. thats ridiculous. maybe go into the office and demand for a full refund and the removal of the braces? and then i would see a coesmetic dentist- if you dont really want to take the braces route. maybe porcelain veneers-thats alot faster that braces. or just find urself a good orthodontist. good luck!

Answer by ♥less
Wait, is he an orthodontist? b/c if he is just a doctor who doesnt know anything about braces then he is just a regular dentist not an orthodontist.
Did he do xtray on you?
Did he tell you what he is going to do?

Hm, ill probably find a new orthodontist.

or sue that dentist…

Answer by zz12zz13zz
braces aren’t painless – they are moving your teeth so you should expect some discomfort. Let him repair them……….although I have to say…..sounds very strange that you went for a consult and walked out with braces………….

Answer by (:
that’s.. odd.

A dentist isn’t even meant to give you braces, an orthodontist is and your dentist should have referred you to one or at least recommended some. Bad dentist..

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  1. On this date in history…1866, Lucy Hobbs was the first female dentist when she received her degree from the Ohio College of Dental Surgery in Cincinnati. This made possible that most unusual of all events – - – a woman asking a man to open his mouth…


  2. I can never even look when he does this bit its too funny, He did a show in town about a month and a half ago and I was laughing so hard I nearly passed out. They oughta put a warning on this vid.

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